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          Hotline: 0086-29-88951044 E-mail: info@sciphar.com

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          Psyllium Seed Husk Powder

          Psyllium Seed Husk Powder

          Shaanxi Sciphar, welcome to visit the guide in Xi'an.

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          Ingredient:  Psyllium Seed Husk Powder Exterior:  Off-white powder Content:  98% Fiber
          Detection:  TLC HPLC UV Package:  1Kg vacuum packaging, 25Kg / paper tube Shelf life:  24(month)
          Application:  Powder, tablets, granules. Health care cosmetics raw materials!
          Detail Information
            Product Name:Psyllium Seed Husk Powder
          Part Used:Husk
          Specification:98% Fiber
          Appearance:Off-white powder 

          1. Benefits for Constipation
          2. Benefits Against Colon Cancer
          3. Benefits for Diabetes II Patients
          4. Benefits for Diarrhea
          5. Effects and Benefits for Heart Disease
          6. Effects and Benefits for Hemorrhoids
          7. Benefits for High Blood Pressure
          8. Effects against High Cholesterol
          9. Husk Benefits to Weight Loss

          Psyllium husks are mostly available in health food stores.
          Psyllium may be bought in standard preparations in dry seed or husk form, to be mixed with water as needed.
          Psyllium is also an ingredient in some commercially prepared laxatives.
          Psyllium can also be bought in capsules, tablets, and wafers forms.

          Since2006, SCIPHAR? has been a global leader in the manufacture andsourcing of natural derived ingredients for the dietary supplement, functionalfoods and beverage industries. Its name is a perfect combination of Science andPharmaceuticals, which symbolized SCIPHAR?’s Value:To source health and wellness fromnature in a scientific way!

          SCIPHAR?has provided a full line of safe, healthy, natural and innovative products andsolutions worldwide. Most of raw materials sourced from our God-blessed QinlingMountain Valley (National Central Park) and more than 3000 acres of GAPown-growing base, which endows SCIPHAR? with capability to producenatural health products and nutritional solutions that aid and enhance people’swell-being and quality of life.

          SCIPHAR?specialized in herbal extracts and powders, natural functional foodingredients, natural herbal oil, natural sweeteners, Enzymes and plant protein,etc.

          SCIPHAR?’sone of the new Extraction Production Plant in Shangluo Eco-Industry Park,equipped with advanced Super-Critical CO2and Sub-Criticalextraction facilities, processes raw materials from China and abroad in strictaccordance with GMP quality management system during the whole entireproduction process. And it owned an independently full modern laboratory usedto ensure quality products as well as to develop new processes andapplications.

          SCIPHAR?has now grown as one of leading flag in global health industry, which hassuccessfully provide various kinds of natural products to differentspecifications for more than 100,600 clients all over the world in thepast  years.

          Webelieve that quality is the life of our company.  “Reliable quality and excellent service” isour commitment to every customer; we firmly believe our customer's success isour success.

          In future, we have a plan to open some offices in Europe, NorthAmerican, east-south Asia, and Africa market to extend our service for more andmore customers.


          Basic Information
          Company Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co.,Ltd.
          Established 2012 Year
          Business Type Manufacturer
          Primary services Herbal Extracts
          More products Functional Food IngredientsNatural Fruit Vegetable PowderDietary supplementsNatural Male Enhancement HerbsEdible Herbal Oil
          Brand sciphar
          Address anmetropolis C3102, No. 3 Tangyan Road
          Trade & Market
          Main Market Mainland, North America, Eastern Europe, East Asia, The globe
          Delivery clauses under the trade mode FOB, FCA, DAF
          Acceptable payment methods T/T, Westem Union
          Whether any overseas office is available No
          Export mode Export through agents
          Business turnover Above USD 100 million per year
          Import volume USD 30 - 50 million per year
          export volume USD 50 - 100 million per year
          Number of foreign trade department employees 50 or more
          Number of researchers 31-40 people
          Number of quality inspectors 11-20
          Number of all the employees 100 - 500
          Factory Information
          Factory Area 50,000m2
          Employees 100 - 500
          Plant Add anmetropolis C3102, No. 3 Tangyan Road

          Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co.,Ltd

          Address:anmetropolis C3102, No. 3 Tangyan Road , xi'an , shaanxi


          Hotline: 0086-29-88951044

          Fax: 0086-029-88605671

          E-mail: info@sciphar.com

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