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          Service Telephone:4001016682

          Hotline: 0086-29-88951044 E-mail: info@sciphar.com

          Sciphar:welcome you!

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          Sciphar has an expert team which iscomposed of several doctor and masters, their research areas including food engineering, food nutrition,biological engineering, Chinese medicine preparation, chemical analysis, etc. Wecan provide you with whole professional solutions for health industry which isincluding market analysis, product customization, formulation design, foundryservices, product testing and other services. With more than ten years ofindustry development, we have served the customer nearly ten thousand times, includinghealth food, functional food, functional beverages, functional alternative teaand other ralative industries. Our customer including Quanjian, Tiens, Johnson,UNIGAN, CAPSULAE, etc.

          Successful Examples

          Functional Beverage Customer
          The customer want to make a kind of Alcohol beverage, he want to use Hovenia acerba extract, but the beverage color is too deep. According to thecustomer's problem, we increase the decolorization treatment to Hovenia acerbaextracts, and we also recommends that customers adding the orange peel extractand white hyacinth bean extract, and then the product color and function are approved.

          Male enhancement health products.
          One customer wants to make a kind of male enhancementhealth products. After our team’ carefully study, we make two differentformulations with different effect by using Cistanche deserticola extract, HornyGoat. Weed extract, Velvet. antler extract, etc. These 2 formulations are bothwelcome on the market.

          Hight Quality Lycopene.

          One customer need to have high activity of lycopene with noresidual solvents, we use the supercriticalCO2 fluid extraction technology, to achieve the industrialization of lycopeneextraction, to get no chemical residue, no pollution, high biological activityof lycopene, making customers into the high-end consumer products market.

          Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co.,Ltd

          Address:anmetropolis C3102, No. 3 Tangyan Road , xi'an , shaanxi


          Hotline: 0086-29-88951044

          Fax: 0086-029-88605671

          E-mail: info@sciphar.com

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